a WOW Classic Armory


All Changes to all Versions

v.1.6 CATACLYSM Update

  • Uploader changed to recieve new data form new sim tool
  • new background image
  • armory now shows cata gear
  • armory now shows cata glyphs
  • 9 fields for glyphgs in database
  • gearscore removed
  • shaman talents cata update
  • warri talents cata update
  • mage talents cata update
  • warlock talents cata update
  • deathknight talents cata update
  • druid talents cata update
  • rogue talents cata update
  • paladin talents cata update
  • priest talents cata update
  • new color theme
  • warri, shaman bis gear phase1
  • colors for itemslevels
  • fix mechanism for setting the specc
  • total rebuild of all pages, to get data directly from json
  • new functions for the json format
  • new layout of char screen
  • fixed all links to charscreen with id
  • uploader rebuilt/cleaned
  • added reforged stats and variants to charscreen
  • added backup folder for older sites
  • cleaned site directory
  • more database cleaning
  • more code cleanup
  • framework cleaning
  • added a preview window in uploader
  • finished the code redesign of the uploader
  • fixed bis function
  • importer code cleanup
  • css update importer


  • code cleanup
  • bis to json
  • more database cleaning
  • pie chart for characters
  • importer stats cleanup